Sitter med tårar i ögonen :')

Ursäkta världen för min brist på fantasi

Här får ni lite musik att lyssna på medan ni väntar på nästa inlägg!

2 vackra låtar


Don´t you worry child?

You can read all about it

We are the World

Åh älskar denna låt! Dock skulle den vara ännu bättre utan Justin Bieber ;)
We are the world

I´m in love♥

It was only just a dream♥

Min och Silvers låt

It's amazing
How you can speak
Right to my heart
Without saying a word,
You can light up the dark
Try as I may
I could never explain
What I hear when
You don't say a thing

The smile on your face
Lets me know
That you need me
There's a truth
In your eyes
Saying you'll never leave me
The touch of your hand says
You'll catch me
Whenever I fall
You say it best
When you say
Nothing at all

All day long
I can hear people
Talking out loud
But when you hold me near
You drown out the crowd
(The crowd)
Try as they may
They could never define
What's been said
Between your
Heart and mine


I mina hörlurar


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